Pulses are a rich and most economical source of vegetable protein and no Nepali Dish would be complete without it. Pulses includes all dried legumes, lentils, beans, and peas. There are many forms of pulses available such as whole, split with skin, split without skin, or ground into flour. Each pulses variety is cooked in its own way. Nepal is producer and consumer of wide variety of pulses and imports in large amount to meet the growing domestic consumption needs.

In Nepal different categories of pulses are consumed and it also posses traditional belief. In Janai Purnima, Quati (Mixed Pulses) is a must dish and is cooked in every house.

In this context, different companies under the umbrella of Shivam Group not only exports domestic pulses but also import and process many pulses to serve the demand of domestic market. Our companies are involved in trading, import, export, processing, packaging, and distribution of various kinds of  Pulses We have a strong presence and relationship with our customers at all important Pulses distribution and consumption centers.

Our pulses basket includes :







Tur Dal