Spices are loved by people from all over the world. Spices are the real reason behind exotic flavors’ in  food. In Nepal different types of spices are used and the Unique combination of spices are used to prepare various kinds of cuisines. These freshly made spices enhance the taste and also adds medical value to the food. In almost all cultures, spices are associated with remedial values and are known to cure various kind of health issues. 

Nepal not only produces a good amount of spices of various kinds, but is also full of spice lovers and hence there is significant domestic demand for all kinds of spices. 

In this context, different companies under the umbrella of Shivam Group not only exports domestic spices but also import and process many spices to serve the demand of domestic market. Our companies are involved in trading, import, export, processing, packaging, and distribution of various kinds of spices in domestic as well as international market. 

Cinnamon Powder

Fennal Seeds

Fennal Powder

Mustard Seeds

Black Pepper

Cinnamon Roll

Fenugreek Powder

Red Dry Chilli

Fenugreek Seeds

Cumin Powder